Yoga Intense

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This is a 14-Day Intermediate Level Yoga workshop which includes asanas, philosophy and sadhanas.

No, this class is for those who have either attended the 7 day yoga workshop or the 21 day yoga challenge with Satvic Movement. You can also attend if you have practised yoga for at least 3 months and are familiar with basic asanas.

Yoga is very beneficial for pregnant women. However, the asanas need to be planned based on the specific trimester. Since we are hosting this workshop online, we are not equipped to provide one-on-one guidance for pregnant women. Therefore, it would be best for pregnant mothers to avoid this workshop.

Yes, there is absolutely no problem. In every class, modifications will be taught so you can adapt each asana to your comfort. If you’re experiencing pain, you can simply skip the physical practice and participate in the relaxation.

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