I’m suffering from a chronic disease, I need help.

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We understand that you want a solution to your health problem. 

​Please know that attending our 4-hour online Health Transformation Workshop is the first step in your healing journey, wherein you will learn the basic principles of the Satvic Lifestyle, and how to implement them in your daily life to improve your overall health.

During the workshop, you will learn:

• About the detailed diet plan for achieving optimum health level
• Daily morning routine for excellent health
• Answers to all your questions about the lifestyle
• Get a query form for more support post the workshop
• Access to over 50 Satvic recipes that are delicious and healing in nature

This workshop is hosted in both English & Hindi- alternatively.

To register for the workshop, please visit: https://workshop.satvicmovement.org/

(Kindly note that this is a general health workshop and not intended for any particular disease.)

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