Yoga Challenge

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Welcome to the page of the Yoga Challenge.

The next 21 day challenge will begin in January. The final dates will be announced soon. This challenge will be conducted in English.

This is a beginner level challenge and can be attended by anyone above the age of 7. However, please note that if you have any physical injury, then you may want to check with your medical doctor if you can practice basic yoga. 

Yes, there is absolutely no problem. In every class, modifications will be taught so you can adapt each asana to your comfort. If you’re experiencing pain, you can simply skip the physical practice and participate in the relaxation.

Yoga is very beneficial for pregnant women. However, the asanas need to be planned based on the specific trimester. Since we are hosting this workshop online, we are not equipped to provide one-on-one guidance for pregnant women. Therefore, it would be best for pregnant mothers to avoid this workshop.


Yes, we encourage you to join the sessions to get rid of your pain. For every posture, modifications will be taught so you can practice as per your capability. You will see a huge improvement in your flexibility and pain level with each passing day. We recommend that you double up your mat and have 2 cushions available while you practice with us

We will share with you a self practise guide with all asanas that will allow you continue your practice. You will have access to a large library of self practise videos as well as tutorials to perfect your asanas.

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